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  SENCLAND : Southeastern North Carolina (SENCLAND) Chapter MOAA

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History of SENCLAND Chapter and List of Past Presidents

Written by Bob Jones, LTC, USA-Ret


SENCLAND chapter, TROA (The Retired Officers Association of America), was born in 1973 when Col James Johnson, his wife Matie; LtCol H.R. Kelly, his wife Jeanne; Col Herbert Bridges, his wife Jean; CAPT Louis Muery, his wife Mary Lou; Lt Col Tom Olson and his wife Lois met at Bradley Creek Marina and started the ball rolling. After several organizational meetings and the addition of a number of other interested officers and their wives, the SENCLAND Chapter was officially charted on 30 June 1973 as an affiliate of the national organization of The Retired Officers Association of America (TROA). Col Jim Johnson served as our first President and LtCol Tom Olson was the Secretary-Treasurer. Over the ensuing forty years the chapter has continued to grow with our current enrollment hovering around 250 members.

The name of the Retired Officers Association of America (TROA) was changed in 2003 to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and the SENCLAND chapter was re-chartered as an affiliate of that organization.

SENCLAND Chapter Presidents over the years have included:

1973 Col James Johnson, USAF

1974 LtCol H.R. Kelly, USMC

1975 LCDR Linwood Gideons, USN

1976 Col Milton Taylor, USAF

1977 Col Fred Smith, USAF

1978-79 Maj William Lamont, USMC

1980 LtCol Amo Judd, USMC

1981 COL John Mammot, USA

1982 LTC Don Blake, USA

1983 CDR Alfred Magee, USN

1984-85 MAJ Arthur Tuggle, USA

1986 LtCol Ray Funderburk, USMC

1987-88 Maj E.T. Townsend, USAF

1989 LtCol Thomas Walter, USA

1990-91 Col Vincent Norako, USMC

1992 Maj Max Lowish, USAF

1993 CDR John Armfield, USN

1994 LtCol Alfred Lapitino, USAF

1995-96 LtCol Don Sayce, USMC

1997 COL Lee Sherman, USA

1998 COL Roger Rains, USA

1999 COL John Melia, USA

2000 MAJ Allen Bowlsby, USA

2000-03 LTC Robert Jones, USA

2004-05 MAJ Kenneth Finch, USA

2006-13 COL Jeri Graham, USA

2014-16 CAPT John Stewart, USNR

2016-17 COL Jim Brumit, USAR

2018-19 CDR Kenneth Klassen, USN

2020-21 BG Jim Carper USAR

2021-23 COL Joseph Irrera USMC

2024-Present CAPT Allan Turner USNR