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JROTC Leadership Awards

SENCLAND supporting 18 JROTC Units

First picture is of Tom Jones, BGEN USA(Ret) presenting the MOAA Leadership Medal to Cadet Sgt Brian Steele at Pender HS.

Second picture is of Kris Gupton, MAJ USA(Ret) presenting MOAA Leadership Award to Cadet 1LT Arasay Eaton from North Brunswick HS.

Each spring the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) presents the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Leadership Medal to a cadet at each of the fifteen high schools in the SENCLAND area. The recipient cadet is selected by the Senior Instructor at each of the high schools who meet the following criteria:

* Be in the next-to-last year of a JROTC program.

* Be in good academic standing.

* Be of high moral character.

* Evidence of high order of loyalty to the unit, school, and the country.

* Demonstrate exceptional potential for military leadership.

Eligibility criteria for the Marine Corps JROTC program is somewhat different. In that program the cadet must

* Be in the upper 10 percent of his high school class.

* Have an "A" average in the MCJROTC academic subjects.

* Be holding a cadet officer billet.

* Be nominated in his junior year.

The cadet receives a medal to be worn above his/her left pocket and a certificate recognizing his/her accomplishments. The medals are presented by representatives of our chapter. There are 10 Army, 1 Marine, 2 Navy and 2 Air Force units. Click below for Schools and their websites.

Comments from another Ceremony attended by Col Paul Woodbury, USA-Ret.

Went well last evening. Most of the military (ret) there were in Blue dress. Sam gave his farewell speech as he stepped down and re-retired. Col Joe Calisto who changed commands at Sunny Point and retired on March 1st was the default presenter for the unit awards. My cadet, Randy Johnson was installed as the new commander of cadets in the flag changing hands ceremony.

What surprised and delighted me most was the size of the JROTC unit. There must have been between 75 to 85 young army cadets all in uniform and looking sharp.

Jan 16, 13/ Tester/ JROTC Leadership Awards/

JROTC Award at Hoggard HS

The Awards Ceremony on the Battleship on 16 May included the presentation of the MOAA medal, and certificate to Cadet Ensign Terrell Roberts. Terrell is a Junior and is on the Hoggard football team, playing the position of defensive back. I talked with him after the ceremony and pinned his medal on. His intentions are to attend college upon graduation. I encouraged him to include in his search the academies as well as ROTC. He replied that he planned to do that.

He also was awarded the Principal's Medal for the Junior Class and the National Sojourner's Medal.

Attached is a picture,

Tim Marvin


May 17, 13/ Anonymous/ JROTC Leadership Awards/

JROTC Award at New Hanover HS

Cadet Major Mark Perez, a junior at New Hanover High School, was awarded the MOAA leadership ribbon and certificate Friday, May 17, 2013. Cadet Perez will be a company commander next year in the New Hanover High School JROTC battalion. He has a 3.5 GPA and plans to pursue a mechanical engineering degree after graduation next year.

Pictured are Cadet Major Mark Perez (center), MOAA representative COL (Ret) Jim Brumit (left), and Senior Army Instructor LTC (Ret) Mark Hafer,(right).

May 18, 13/ Anonymous/ JROTC Leadership Awards/

Leadership Award for JROTC Cadet at E. Duplin HS

The MOAA Award was presented by LTC Myers to Cadet CPT Evan Lanier of East Duplin High School on 23 May, 2013. Cadet Lanier was selected for the award because of his outstanding leadership as a Company Commander as well as the Raider Team Commander. He is on the high school track and wrestling teams as well. He wears his uniform with pride and sets the example for all others; he has been selected as the top cadet in the county during year 2011 as well. HIs plans are to enlist into the USMC in the near future, he is expected to graduate in 2014.

Jun 1, 13/ Anonymous/ JROTC Leadership Awards/