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Leaving a Lasting Legacy to MOAA


Leave a lasting LEGACY to MOAA SENCLand.

Please consider a gift to the MOAA's SENCLand Chapter via your will or trust, which will perpetuate the goals and objectives of MOAA. Below is sample codicil that you may attach to your will or use the language in your will or trust: Please send a copy of your signed and witnessed codicil to the treasurer.

“I give, devise and bequeath to the SENCLand Chapter of MOAA, a North Carolina non-profit organization, the sum of $____________________ to be divided $_______________ for the SENCLand scholarship fund, and $______________ for the operating fund for the SENCLand.

In memory of __or in honor of __(please check one)____________________________________

_________________________________ (signature) ___________________________ (witness)

_________________________________ (printed name) _________________ ___(printed name)

DATE: ____________