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Relevant legislative data

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2023 National Defense Authorization (NDAA) Act and Appropriation Acts Passed

The FY2023 National Defense Authorization Act was completed on 21 December. Appropriations legislation in the form of an Omnibus government funding bill was passed on 23 December 2022, just hours before the revised deadline driven by expiration of Continuing Resolution. President Biden signed both bills into law, thus avoiding a Government shutdown for Christmas. The $1.7 trillion Omnibus Appropriations Act funds all Executive Branch agencies until 30 September 2023. DoD received $798 billion, $40B more than the President’s request, plus $19B for Military Construction. DoD appropriations include a 4.6% pay raise and increases in allowances for housing and subsistence and for the Basic Needs Allowance. The Veterans Administration received $304 billion, which includes an 11.9% increase to cover expected PACT Act (toxic exposure) claims and significant increases for care-giver support, homelessness prevention and mental health care, including suicide prevention. The NDAA is a massive bill. You can find additional details of the authorized programs on the MOAA website.

MOAA website
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Legislation for Burn Pit Victims

The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act finally passed in Congress and was signed into law by President Biden on 10 August 2022. This legislation includes, among other things:

- Expands VA care to over 3.5 million post-9/11 veterans

- Adds 23 presumptive conditions for toxic exposure

- Requires toxic exposure screenings and education in VA clinics

- Adds 31 new VA facilities

- Expands the list of locations with presumed exposure to Agent Orange

The PACT Act also includes the Camp LeJeune Justice Act, which allows people who lived and worked on the base from 1953-1987 to apply for compensation for a variety of presumptive conditions approved in the legislation.

The Veteran’s Administration has set up a website to provide detailed information on eligibility and filing requirements for medical issues related to PACT Act conditions. You can access this information at The PACT Act And Your VA Benefits | Veterans Affairs .

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SENCLAND Website Editorial Policy

Chapter Policy

SENCLAND Chapter maintains a non-partisan policy just as the National and NC Council of Chapters. We are dedicated to maintaining a strong national defense and ensuring our nation keeps its commitment to all serving and all who have served our country.

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Bill Tracker for NC Legislative Affairs

Submitted by Barry Coyle, SENCLAND Legislative Affairs

NC General Assembly 2023-24 Session Military/Veterans Bills:
Bill # Date Filed Title Sponsors Notes
1 S4 1/25/2023 Eliminate Tax on Gov't Retirees Burgin +7 1/26 R&O Com.
2 S148 2/22/2023 deViere Disabled Veterans Act Johnson, Lazzara, Bode, +20 2/23 R&O Com.
3 S149 2/22/2023 Veterans Appreciation Act Johnson, Lazzara, Bode, +17 2/23 R&O Com.
4 S269 3/9/2023 Exempt Certain DOD Child Care Ctrs/Lic. Reqs Lazzara, +2 3/13 R&O Com. 3/13 Health Care Com. 3/15 R&O Com. 3/21 Passed Senate 46-0. 3/23 House R+O Com.
5 S334 3/20/2023 Toll Exemption for Disabled Veterans Blue, +1 3/21 R&O Com.
6 S422 3/29/2023 Homes for Heroes Batch, Garret, Smith, +12 3/30 R&O Com. 4/5 Appropriations/Base Budget Com.
7 S455 3/30/2023 Protect Moms Who Serve Applewhite, Smith, +5 4/3 R&O Com.
8 S663 4/6/2023 Expedite Military Trained/Spouse Lic./Attys Applewhite, +2 4/10 R&O Com.
9 S718 4/6/2023 Social Work Interstate Licensure Compact. Krawiec, Burgin, Corwin, +4 4/10 R&O Com.
Bill # Date Filed Title Sponsors Notes
1 H6 1/25/2023 Uniformed Heroes Voting Act D. Hall, C. Smith, Miller, and Pyrtle, +34 1/26 Com on Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform 3/28 R&O Com.
2 H22 1/26/2023 Concealed Gun Permit/Dishonorable Discharge Crutchfield, +4 1/30 Com. On Judiciary 2
3 H37 1/30/2023 Expand Disabled Veteran Property Tax Excl Everitt, John, and Crawford, +23 2/1 R&O Com.
4 H46 2/2/2023 Eliminate Tax on Gov't Retirees Cleveland, Iler, Hardister, and White, +7 2/6 Finance Com.
5 H178 2/22/2023 Maintenance of State Veterans Cemeteries Wheatley, Penny, +11 2/23 Military and Veterans Affairs Com. 5/2 R&O Com.
6 H290 3/7/2023 Protecting NC's Military and Working Lands Ross, Bell, Wray, Dixon, +20 3/8 Military and Veterans Affairs Com.
7 H296 3/7/2023 Adopt Veterans History Museum Clampitt +27 3/8 State Gov't Com. 3/23 R&O Com.
8 H319 3/8/2023 Veteran Registration Plate Modifications Blackwell, Iler, Shepard, Cleveland, +44 3/13 Transportation Com. 4/5 R&O Com. 4/19 Passed House 115-0. 4/20 Senate R&O Com.
9 H427 3/21/2023 Honor Women Veterans Plate/Women Veterans Day Majeed, Logan, Cunningham, Goodwin, +34 3/22 Transportation Com. 4/5 Finance Com. 4/25 R&O Com. 5/4 Passed House 112-0. 5/4 Senate R&O Com.
10 H463 3/23/2023 NC Farmland and Military Protection Act Bell, Balkcom, Zenger, Moore, +82 3/27 Judiciary 1 Com. 4/5 R&O Com. 4/26 Passed House 114-0. 4/19 Passed House 115-0.
11 H465 3/23/2023 N.C. Resident Enlisted Military Pay Tax Deduction Loftis, Chesser, Goodwin, +15 3/27 Finance Com.
12 H469 3/23/2023 Foreclosures/Extend Servicemember Protections Cleveland, Shepard, + 10 3/27 Judiciary 1 Com.
13 H487 3/27/2023 POW/MIA Flags/State Bldgs & Schools Goodwin, Wray, Lowery, Pierce, +8 3/28 State Gov't Com. 4/27 R&O Com. 5/2 Passed House 116-0. 5/2 Senate R&O Com.
14 H489 3/27/2023 Increase Disabled Veteran Prop Tax Benefit Winslow, Cleveland, Goodwin, Chesser, +24 3/28 Finance Com.
15 H492 3/28/2023 Post NC Veterans' Benefits Alston, Goodwin, Majeed, Lucas, +30 3/29 Commerce Com. 4/25 R&O Com. 5/2 Passed House 116-0. 5/3 Senate R&O Com.
16 H594 4/10/2023 Dis. Veteran Homestead Excl. Prequalification Pare', Goodwin, Winslow, Chesser, +32 4/13 Finance Com. 4/25 R&O Com. 5/2 Passed House 116-0. 5/3 Senate R&O Com.
17 H681 4/18/2023 Interstate Med. Lic. Compact/Mil. Licensure K. Baker, Reeder, Lambeth, Potts, +1 4/19 Health Com.
18 H839 4/20/2023 Funds for Veterans Park in Fayetteville Charles Smith, Lucas, Wheatley, F. Jackson

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Become an Active Legislative Advocate

by Barry Coyle, Legislative Chairman

One of the goals of MOAA national is to increase participation by Chapter members in legislative advocacy efforts.

Strong grass roots support for NC and National legislation that benefits MOAA members is one way to ensure that the message of our organization reaches our elected officials.

In-person meetings and events are returning now that COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed. The annual Advocacy in Action campaign is being planned as an in-person event in Washington in late April. There is likely to be a similar state-level event in Raleigh. But frequent member communication via mail or email remains an effective and essential method to get the MOAA message heard in the General Assembly and Congress. I encourage you to become one of our grass roots advocates.

To make your participation easier, we will provide Council-approved tools and materials for your use when NC legislation or events require increased participation. You can, at any time, join in MOAA National advocacy efforts using tools available within MOAA’s on-line Legislative Action Center. Just click on the link below in the dark gray box. To help make your participation as easy as possible, I have provided the current contact information for all Federal and NC Legislators serving the SENCLAND area in this section of our Web Site.

I am recruiting for an Assistant Legislative Affairs Chairman to help out with our Chapter legislative affairs education and action activities. This person would assist for a year or so and then become Legislative Affairs Chair. SENCLAND Chapter has one of the best and most active Legislative programs in the State. If you would to help keep that going or just learn more about the duties of this position, please contact me at 703-795-6987 or bcoyle1947@gmail.com.

Take Action. Login required.
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