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2023 National Defense Authorization (NDAA) Act and Appropriation Acts Passed

The FY2023 National Defense Authorization Act was completed on 21 December. Appropriations legislation in the form of an Omnibus government funding bill was passed on 23 December 2022, just hours before the revised deadline driven by expiration of Continuing Resolution. President Biden signed both bills into law, thus avoiding a Government shutdown for Christmas. The $1.7 trillion Omnibus Appropriations Act funds all Executive Branch agencies until 30 September 2023. DoD received $798 billion, $40B more than the President’s request, plus $19B for Military Construction. DoD appropriations include a 4.6% pay raise and increases in allowances for housing and subsistence and for the Basic Needs Allowance. The Veterans Administration received $304 billion, which includes an 11.9% increase to cover expected PACT Act (toxic exposure) claims and significant increases for care-giver support, homelessness prevention and mental health care, including suicide prevention. The NDAA is a massive bill. You can find additional details of the authorized programs on the MOAA website.

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