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NC Budget Bill passed

Shortly after passing the Budget Bill on 18 November, the General Assembly recessed until 30 December 2021. The 2021 Long Session resulted in significant State legislation of interest to MOAA members. The State Income Tax deduction for military and survivors retired pay was the major accomplishment. But the General Assembly also passed three bills that primarily benefit Active Duty service members and their families. These include: an Interstate Licensing Compact for Occupational Therapy; an education bill that ensures in-state tuition continuity for military dependents and allows military dependents to immediately participate in school sports and activities when transferring into the state; and DMV protections for deployed service members. These laws will contribute to improving NC’s status as a MOAA Top 10 Military Friendly State.

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Become an Active Legislative Advocate

by Barry Coyle, Legislative Chairman

One of the goals of the MOAA NC Council of Chapters Legislative Strategy for 2021-22 is to increase participation by Chapter members in legislative advocacy efforts.

Strong grass roots support for NC and National legislation that benefits MOAA members is one way to ensure that the message of our organization reaches our elected officials.

With in-person meetings and events severely curtailed by COVID-19 restrictions, increased member communication via mail or email is an effective and essential method to get the MOAA message heard in the General Assembly and Congress. I encourage you to become one of our grass roots advocates.

In order to make your participation easier, we will provide Council-approved tools and materials for your use when legislation or events require increased participation. You can, at any time, join in MOAA National advocacy efforts using tools available within MOAA’s on-line Legislative Action Center. Just click on the link below in the dark gray box.

Our first effort in North Carolina for the 2021-22 Legislative Session is to send letters of congratulation and introduction to our newly elected State Senators and Representatives.

Council of Chapters has approved the letter below for this purpose. You can easily fill in the appropriate blocks and then either print the completed letter for signature and mailing, or copy it into an email. I have provided the current contact information for all NC Legislators serving the SENCLAND area in this section of our Web Site. Your Chapter President, Jim Carper and I have already sent these letters to all of those General Assembly members. I encourage you to also send one to the Senator and Representative from your District. It’s quick and easy to become part of this effort and make your voice heard.

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