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  SENCLAND : Southeastern North Carolina (SENCLAND) Chapter MOAA Membership: Information on Membership


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Membership Dues Policy for Local Chapters

SUBJECT: National MOAA and Local Chapter Dues


Over the past few weeks I have been asked the question:

"Why do I have to pay Chapter dues if I am a member of the National MOAA Organization and pay annual dues there or am a Life Member of MOAA national?"

Although our Chapter (and all other local Chapters) are part of MOAA's National structure and network, all chapters are separate entities, responsible for their own funding.

MOAA conducts functions on a national scale, for example:

• Lobbying with the US Congress on benefits and entitlements for military members, retirees and military families on a National scale

• Offering counseling and assistance to its members worldwide; for example:

o Career transition assistance

o Survivor benefit counseling

• Offering products and services to its members worldwide; for example:

o Insurance products such as TRICARE Supplements, Term Life insurance, and Long Term Care insurance

o Product and services discounts such as travel, Dell and Apple computers, sports and outdoor equipment, apparel, jewelry, etc.

o Financial calculators, tax guide, Estate planning and other resources For more information go to:

o More information on these features and others is available at: http://www.moaa.org/Main_Menu/Access_Member_Benefits/Access_Member_Benefits.html

Local Chapters offer local opportunities, for example:

• Luncheons and social gatherings

• Local JROTC Scholarships

• Support of local military events and programs.

• Liaison with local elected officials on matters of military interest

• A Chapter Website and Newsletter

You do not have to be a member of National MOAA to be a member of our Chapter, but we strongly encourage National MOAA membership because of the strong voice it gives us in Congress.

Click on the Downloads below for Regular Membership or Surviving Spouse Applications. You can mail to address on the forms or fill in your info, scan and email back to the email address below.

If you have any questions on this please contact me at: downeast@bellsouth.net or 910-686-6905

Thanks -

Al Schroetel

Membership Chairman

Mar 25, 14/ Anonymous/ Joining/

Should You Join MOAA National?

Membership Options to Join MOAA National

Why National MOAA Membership?

Although it is not necessary to be a member of National MOAA to be a SENCLAND Chapter member, we strongly encourage it.

National MOAA membership ensures that we have a strong voice with Congress on matters of importance to active duty, Reserve and Guard, retired Service men & women and their families.

There are three levels of National MOAA membership:

Basic Membership: This is a free electronic membership that provides the opportunity to experience what MOAA is all about. You'll stay current with MOAA e-newsletters and have opportunities to participate in grassroots activism efforts.

Premium Membership: This level provides full access to everything MOAA has to offer, including unlimited access to the full spectrum of MOAA National's career resources, financial-planning advice, and all MOAA-exclusive publications and news updates. That’s on top of all the benefits included at the BASIC Membership level. Dues are paid annually.

Life Membership: This level of MOAA provides the greatest level of benefits...all of the benefits of Premium membership, plus:

• Direct Access to Staff Experts via MOAA’s LIFE Member Hotline.

• Protection for Your Spouse. LIFE membership privileges automatically transfer to your spouse after your death at no cost. This provides quick access to expert advice on survivor benefits and services.

• Bonus Rewards and Travel Discounts. Earn an additional 7,500 rewards points for use on your first trip when you book through MOAA's vacation center.

• Discounts for products and services such as car rentals, computers, hotels and insurance

• One time dues payment which covers you and your surviving spouse for life.

For more information on National MOAA membership: http://www.moaa.org/Main_Menu/Access_Member_Benefits/Access_Member_Benefits.html

Sep 18, 14/ SENCLAND/ Joining/

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2021 Chapter Membership Dues Update and Changes

Payment Options and Policies

Chapter Membership Dues

Annual Chapter membership payments will be due in January 2021.

Our Chapter derives it funding for Chapter activities almost exclusively through membership dues. Please note that the annual dues ($20 for members and $15 for surviving spouses) have been increased from past levels but are still among the lowest in the State. Chapter dues pay for representational items at military and veteran functions, special events like our Korean War and WWII Veteran's Recognition Luncheons, MOAA logo gifts for luncheon speakers, membership in the North Carolina MOAA Council of Chapters, website maintenance, mailing costs and other operational expenses.

Dues are waived for the following two categories of members:

• All members 90 years of age or older

• New chapter members for the remainder of the calendar year in which they join. Thus, if a member joins in January dues are waived for the entire year.

As you make your payment, please also consider including a donation to the Chapter's Outreach and Scholarship Programs Fund, which provides the funds for the Junior ROTC Scholarships as well as support for local veterans and military members and their families.

There are two ways to pay your dues and make donations:


Open the Chapter's ( website http://sencland.org )

Click on the word “Membership” in the menu on the left side of the home page.

On that that new page there are two separate choice, one to pay Chapter dues the other is to make a donation. Continue by clicking on the "Buy Now" button and follow the prompts.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the Chapter's Treasurer, David Gould

Hard Copy: Please print the following form and mail your dues and donations to:


P.O. BOX 10015

Wilmington, NC 28404

You may also bring the completed form and payment to the monthly luncheon

Name: _____________________________________Dues__________

Mailing address______________________________Donations______

________________________________ Total _______

Email Address: __________________________________

Telephone number _______________________________

Indicate where there are changes such as phone number or a new address.

If you have a question about your payment status please contact Al Schroetel

Nov 9, 16/ Anonymous/ Dues/

Pay your Dues Online

Pay with a Credit Card or by PayPal - click the Purchase Options bar

If paying by check, dues are $20 for members and $15 for surviving spouses.

Click a button to pay with Paypal, but you don't need a paypal account to do so.

$1 added if paying Online to cover administrative charge. Thank you.

Online Pricing:

Member Dues: $21

Surviving Spouses Dues: $16

02/19/21 09:50/ Ric Kolseth/ Dues/
You do not need a Paypl account to finalize a purchase. When you reach the Paypal screen, click "Continue" for the PayPal Guest Checkout.

Online Pricing:

Member Dues: - $21
Surviving Spouses Dues: - $16

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Lend us a hand for JROTC, Veteran Scholarships and Outreach Needs

Your Donations help SENCLAND in our Mission

SENCLAND does a lot more than what your membership fees cover. Your donation to the scholarship fund and Outreach and will help us raise budgeted amounts for 2021 scholarships and Outreach . Thanks in advance for your support.

This link will open in a new window.

Apr 9, 16/ Ric Kolseth/ Donations/

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Membership Roster

SENCLAND Chapter Roster is displayed on a Members Only page. If you are a current member of our Chapter and have not received instruction for access or are unable to display the Roster, please call Kenneth Klassen, Webmaster at 910-616-9614 or email webmaster@sencland.org

Mar 22, 13/ Anonymous/ About Our Members/

Community Opportunities Top ▲

Information about Volunteerism and Community Opportunities

Our SENCLAND members are very engaged in opportunities to "give back". You'll find us in numerous groups and interest areas demonstrating leadership and teamsmanship. A wonderful way to make new friends in our surrounding communities.

A good place to start looking for volunteer opportunities is a website called: WILMINGTON INSIDER INFO for VOLUNTEERS. You can click on the Links below for numerous opportunities in our area.

Wilmington Insider
Jan 18, 13/ SENCLAND/ Community Opportunities/