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  SENCLAND : Southeastern North Carolina (SENCLAND) Chapter MOAA Membership: Information on Membership

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Membership Dues Policy for Local Chapters

SUBJECT: National MOAA and Local Chapter Dues


Over the past few weeks I have been asked the question:

"Why do I have to pay Chapter dues if I am a member of the National MOAA Organization and pay annual dues there or am a Life Member of MOAA national?"

Although our Chapter (and all other local Chapters) are part of MOAA's National structure and network, all chapters are separate entities, responsible for their own funding.

MOAA conducts functions on a national scale, for example:

• Lobbying with the US Congress on benefits and entitlements for military members, retirees and military families on a National scale

• Offering counseling and assistance to its members worldwide; for example:

o Career transition assistance

o Survivor benefit counseling

• Offering products and services to its members worldwide; for example:

o Insurance products such as TRICARE Supplements, Term Life insurance, and Long Term Care insurance

o Product and services discounts such as travel, Dell and Apple computers, sports and outdoor equipment, apparel, jewelry, etc.

o Financial calculators, tax guide, Estate planning and other resources For more information go to:

o More information on these features and others is available at: http://www.moaa.org/Main_Menu/Access_Member_Benefits/Access_Member_Benefits.html

Local Chapters offer local opportunities, for example:

• Luncheons and social gatherings

• Local JROTC Scholarships

• Support of local military events and programs.

• Liaison with local elected officials on matters of military interest

• A Chapter Website and Newsletter

You do not have to be a member of National MOAA to be a member of our Chapter, but we strongly encourage National MOAA membership because of the strong voice it gives us in Congress.

Click on the Downloads below for Regular Membership or Surviving Spouse Applications. You can mail to address on the forms or fill in your info, scan and email back to the email address below.

If you have any questions on this please contact me at: downeast@bellsouth.net or 910-686-6905

Thanks -

Al Schroetel

Membership Chairman