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  SENCLAND : Southeastern North Carolina (SENCLAND) Chapter MOAA Membership: Information on Membership

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Should You Join MOAA National?

Membership Options to Join MOAA National

Why National MOAA Membership?

Although it is not necessary to be a member of National MOAA to be a SENCLAND Chapter member, we strongly encourage it. National MOAA membership ensures that we have a strong voice with Congress on matters of importance to active duty, Reserve and Guard, retired Service men & women and their families.

There are three levels of National MOAA membership:

  1. Basic Membership: This is a free electronic membership that provides the opportunity to experience what MOAA is all about. You'll stay current with MOAA e-newsletters and have opportunities to participate in grassroots activism efforts.

  2. Premium Membership: This level provides full access to everything MOAA has to offer, including unlimited access to the full spectrum of MOAA National's career resources, financial-planning advice, and all MOAA-exclusive publications and news updates. That’s on top of all the benefits included at the BASIC Membership level. Dues are paid annually.

  3. Life Membership: This level of MOAA provides the greatest level of benefits...all of the benefits of Premium membership, plus:

    • Direct Access to Staff Experts via MOAA’s LIFE Member Hotline.
    • Protection for Your Spouse. LIFE membership privileges automatically transfer to your spouse after your death at no cost. This provides quick access to expert advice on survivor benefits and services.
    • Bonus Rewards and Travel Discounts. Earn an additional 7,500 rewards points for use on your first trip when you book through MOAA's vacation center.
    • Discounts for products and services such as car rentals, computers, hotels and insurance
    • One time dues payment which covers you and your surviving spouse for life.

More information on National MOAA membership, visit the MOAA website.

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