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  SENCLAND : Southeastern North Carolina (SENCLAND) Chapter MOAA


Information on Membership

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The Chapter offers the opportunity for members and their spouses to purchase engraved plastic nametags. The cost is $15, the style and size is shown in the image, and will have a magnetic clasp. We will order Quarterly or when we have at least ten paid orders. Nametags are delivered at monthly luncheons and Chapter events.

You can order your nametags either online or by mailing a personal check and order form as follows.

  1. Pay for your nametags(s)
  2. ON-LINE: Pay for your nametags using the Purchase button on this page.

    - or -

    Mail Personal Check and Order Form: Download and print the order form (see Download folder), then mail the completed form and personal check made out to SENCLAND MOAA to:

    SENCLAND Chapter of MOAA

    P.O. Box 10015

    Wilmington, NC 28404

  3. Send an e-mail to Chris Morin (villa_morin@hotmail.com) including the information you want on the nametag (1) name, including nick name if you prefer, (2) rank, (3) military service, and (4) current duty status. Nametags for spouses only require the person’s name and nickname if desired.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Morin (villa_morin@hotmail.com).

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*Note: This form requires a free Paypal account, but once logged in, you can choose a credit card for your payment method.

Membership: SENCLAND Nametags - $15.00

SENCLAND Chapter Embroidered Apparel

SENCLAND Embroidered LOGO Shirts, Caps, & Outerwear are now available at our Chapter Online Store hosted by Queensboro Shirt Co. You can access the store using: https://senclandmoaa.qbstores.com

You can save shipping cost if you are willing to pick up at Queensboro Shirt Co at 1400 Marstel-lar Street in Wilmington. Call Queensboro at 800-847-4478 after you have placed your order and tell them you want to pick up when ready. They will credit back the shipping cost and call you when ready for pickup.

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