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Outreach Program Guidelines

Outreach Program Guidelines
Tim Howard MAJ US Army Outreach Committee Chairman

Guidelines for SENCLAND Chapter Outreach

The Executive Board of the chapter values community involvement with veterans, veterans organizations, and military communities within our five county area, (New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, Onslow, and Columbus). Accordingly, we have established guidelines and parameters in order to determine which organizations, activities, and individuals should be considered for outreach.

Outreach is defined as support to local military and veterans’ organizations, as well as community and civic groups that support veterans and the military.

Our support is not limited to financial but may also include chapter members donating time and talent. When considering requests for outreach, some factors we will evaluate are:

• What services to veterans does this organization provide?

• Do their services duplicate services provided by other organizations?

• What is the organization’s track record?

• What is this organization’s structure? (a local grassroots organization or a national organization with a local branch?)

• What kind of recognition will SENCLAND receive?

• How will our funds be used and over what period of time will these funds be used?

• This will be a one time contribution to the organization in most cases.

• How will this outreach maximize the use of our contribution?

• For 2021, we are budgeting $1800 for Veteran Outreach support. The Chair of Outreach / Scholarship programs may authorize the disbursement of funds for any purpose up to $500 within the scope of their program's annual budget. Disbursements in excess of this provision must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Revised Nov. 2018

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Your Donations help SENCLAND in our Mission

SENCLAND does a lot more than what your membership fees cover. Your donation to the scholarship fund and Outreach and will help us raise budgeted amounts for 2021 scholarships and Outreach. Thanks in advance for your support.

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