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Wilmington Sea Cadet Program

SENCLand MOAA had been approached by US Naval Sea Cadet Regional Director, LCDR Dennis Dickerson asking for support of a Wilmington Sea Cadet Program. President Joe Irrera delegated this to Frank Roberts, USCG Service Chairman. Frank established a Sea Cadet Program in the past here in Wilmington and continues to have strong ties in both the Veteran community as well as the USCG Sec-tor Command located here in Wilmington.

The Sea Cadet Program is governed under US Navy Regulations. The US Navy League also supports the Naval Sea Cadets under its Charter. Cadets in this program range in age from 11-18. Cadets in the ages of 11-13 are referred to as "Navy Leaguers." Ages 14-18 are Sea Cadets. The program is likened to a JROTC but unlike participation through a High School program, Sea Cadets drill (much like reserv-ists) once a month and conduct annual training through one of many opportunities offered. Before at-tending any annual training, they must first spend a training period of orientation which is likened to a "boot camp.'" Drills indoctrinate Cadets into military dress, ranks and missions preparing them as lead-ers whether they further themselves in the US Military or into the Community. Cadets must train and test for promotions which also includes field training upon ships, boats, units and through Active and retired military leadership.

SENCLand MOAA will be a Liaison to the Wilmington Sea Cadet Program. This Liaison responsibility will be provided jointly by LCDR Frank Roberts, USCG (ret) and CAPT Guy Simmons, USN (ret). Both of these members are also members in the US Navy League and the Fleet Reserve Associa-tion. Both of these groups support the Sea Cadet Program. Additionally, both members have past expe-rience with the Sea Cadet Program and have membership within several Veteran Organizations in our community. Together, they will assist LCDR Dickerson in a varied role but always as a Liaison to MOAA. The Liaison will update and approach SENCLAND MOAA with any requests of the Sea Ca-dets.

The Wilmington Sea Cadet program plans to "stand up" in January 2022. The USCG Sector Commander has been informally briefed and will have a formal meeting with LCDR Dickerson sometime in January 2022. The USCG Sector Commander was pleased to hear of the Sea Cadet Pro-gram returning to Wilmington and offered support of his staff and resources when informally briefed.

O. Frank Roberts Jr.

USCG Service Director